Our Services

I have many years of experience in sourcing offshore manufacturers for major clothing labels. This includes supplier identification, price negotiations, payment terms, as well as managing the full production process from sampling to bulk delivery, dealing with and resolving any production related issues.

I have a natural ability to negotiate successfully, as well as an attention to detail. I do not believe in assumptions, and can eliminate these completely from the process.

I am particularly interested in the design of management systems and operations, to ensure the correct information is transmitted in the correct manner.

I am always looking for new start ups or existing businesses in the clothing industry, with which I can work with to;

Design correct, detailed, and comprehensive documentation.
Advise on the full production process from start to finish, and design a detailed system to monitor this.
Advise on advantages and disadvantages of offshore production.
Advise about common problems and solutions with offshore production.
Advise on lead time issues, and solutions to reduce lead times and production errors.
Source,or assist in sourcing the correct supplier for your orders and negotiate prices to ensure you meet your margins.
Advise on production problems and how to rectify them.

I am also able to provide complete off the shelf solutions in order for you to manage your business in the simplest way possible, while not losing any of the critical information or detail.

There are many fashion designers out there, who have excellent creative ability, but might lack operational experience. I can supply that operational experience to get you from concept to physical product.
The same applies to those that are new to the apparel industry,or offshore production, that are looking for operational advice and experience.
I am also able to audit procedures of existing apparel businesses, to ensure they are efficient and correct, and advise changes where required.


Farrukh Mian